Funeral ceremonies

Creating your personal service and celebration of life

Mourning a death, and saying goodbye to a person who has played an important part in your life, is probably one of the most difficult heartbreaking moments we will face in a lifetime. A funeral service does not have to be a sad occasion, it is a "Celebration of Life".

As a professional independent celebrant, let me help you through these hard times, and share memories of your loved one, and I can with your help, create and conduct a personalised ceremony.

The ceremonies I create contain uplifting elements, capturing the spirit of the person you have lost with dignity and gratitude, reflecting their personality and all the little details about their life, the things they enjoyed, and the stories which need to be told and shared amongst family and friends.

It is all about focussing on and celebrating the life of your loved one, sharing tears and laughter, and not focussing on death, but the life they lived.

You may want to invite family and friends to take part in the ceremony with personal tributes, readings, and music enabling you to share all the things that were important to your loved one, and bring comfort to family and friends. You may choose to write your own eulogy, or this is something I can do for you. You will of course get a copy prior to the service, and make any changes before delivery on the day.

It is a lovely meaningful touch to have favourite photographs on display or items with personal significance displayed on or near the coffin. As with all elements of the service, this is entirely your choice.

A multi-media slide showing the story of someone's life is very emotive, because "a picture paints a thousand words". Family and friends can become part of this by supplying some lovely meaningful photographs to share with one another and of course it is a wonderful way to all remember your loved one. Of course there is a no better place than sharing lifetime moments later during the wake.

Please feel free to ask me about anything regarding the ceremony. I am happy to include religious hymns or prayers and indeed any content that reflects the wishes of your loved one, and your own ideas so that it really is a truly fitting way to say goodbye in a warm and personal ceremony.


If you book my services through the Funeral Director, they will deal with the fees and settle the costs.

Funeral ceremonies include:

  • I will arrange to meet family and friends, in your home or at a venue of our choice, to discuss the service with you - building up a picture of their life story, personality, interests and memories. I will email a form for you to fill in and return to me prior to our meeting
  • You / we can choose fitting music and poetry, and also discuss any family tributes
  • We can discuss prayers and hymns if this is something you wish to be included
  • I will write a unique, bespoke and fitting service for your loved one, reflecting their life. I will write the eulogy of which, when drafted, you will get a copy to edit, and changes can be made until you are completely satisfied, and it is a true reflection of your loved one. You may wish to write your own eulogy, and we can discuss this when we meet
  • On the day of the funeral, I will meet you at the venue, and lead the service for you
Elaine Cesar - funerals


What do we have to do?

When you lose a loved one, it is an incredibly emotional time, but having contacted your chosen funeral director, they will recommend a celebrant, and as your chosen celebrant I will organise a time to visit you and sit with you and discuss the service. I will also get information from you about your loved one, in order to make the service a unique and personal reflection, and therefore it is essential to gather as many family members and friends to make a fitting contribution to the service. You will have an opportunity to supply me with information prior to our meeting.

Where can we hold the service?

The service can be held at the crematorium or graveside, or with discussion with the funeral directors, at an alternative location.

How long is the service?

If the service is to take place at the crematorium, it is normal for a half hour slot to be booked. However, if you feel that you require more time in which to pay tribute, you can book a double slot, by discussing this with your funeral director.

Can family and friends take part in the service?

It is very much encouraged that family and friends play an active part in the service to celebrate the life of their loved one, and to say a fond farewell. You may choose to deliver the eulogy, but if you are nervous that you may be too emotional on the day, the celebrant will have a copy and will take over, or help you through. Children are also more than welcome to take part should they wish, they always bring a great sense of warmth and love in the most natural way.

Can we include music?

Music plays a great part in the ceremony, and is quite emotive, and can be chosen by the family in order to reflect the loved ones personality. You may have a definitive play list, or I would be more than happy to assist you with your choice.

Can we include readings and poems?

Readings and poems can be included, and read by family or friends. Once again, as this is an emotional time, if at any time during the delivery, emotions take over, then I am more than happy to continue with the reading. You may choose your own poems or readings, I am happy to assist you.

I imagine on the day it will be hard to take it all in. Will we get a copy of the final ceremony?

I will give you a final copy of the ceremony as a keepsake.