Baby naming ceremonies

Welcome to the world little ones! There is nothing more precious or short of a miracle than a new born baby, it is truly the best gift ever. The birth of a new baby is such a joyous time, and one which parents, or a single parent, may wish to share with their family and friends.


Traditional church christenings are wonderful ceremonies, but today, many people do not hold religious beliefs, and a baby naming ceremony is the perfect alternative.


A baby naming ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful great alternative way to celebrate your baby's arrival with your family and friends. I will help create a personal, perfect individual ceremony for you, reflecting all that you wish.

The ceremony can contain religious, semi-religious or spiritual elements including rituals like anointing the baby with orange or rose water.

You may have some ideas of your own which can be incorporated. But you could each light candles, and make a wish or pledge to the baby, or plant a tree, which will grow and flourish each year, alongside your baby. Get your guests to sign a book, leaving their own personal and loving messages. Get each guest to write a message and place on a tree.

We can choose, music, readings and poems and prayers, and of course involve any siblings in the ceremony itself. They can present a gift, recite a poem, present a flower or share a toy with their new brother or sister.


Your baby naming ceremony can take place at a location of your choice, maybe in your home or garden, or at one of your favourite venues, or in the summer may be a park or beach (you may require permission for some locations).

Godparents or Mentors

In the traditional religious role, godparents are appointed to mentor and guide children throughout their life.

However, in a naming ceremony we include the appointment of one or more non-religious godparents. We can still call them a godparent, supporting or guide parent. It is of great significance if each of those chosen, can write their own personal promises to the child, looking not only at the present, but also the future, with a loving and warm heart, to care and be there for them in their hour of need.

It should be noted, that the baby naming ceremony, although loving and personal, holds no legal status. Your baby's birth should be registered at the Register Office as a legal requirement.


From £250 (Initial payment fifty percent - non refundable)